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What is a lease takeover?

A vehicle Lease Takeover or vehicle Lease Transfer simply means that an individual with a leased vehicle wants someone to take the vehicle and balance of lease payments off their hands.

The individual or lessee trying to get rid of the vehicle and balance of lease payments, should understand that they will have to bear a loss if they want someone else to takeover the lease. The loss could be in the form of a down payment, taxes and or accessories they have added to the vehicle. Most of the time, the lessee also pays for the transfer fees that are applied by the dealership or lease / finance company. There are also many cases where the lessee will offer a cash incentive paid directly to the buyer as a bonus! We have seen cash incentives as low as $200 and as high as $5000!

Effective payment with a cash incentive

The Effective Payment is automatically calculated by our website script. It will be determined by the cash incentive divided by the number of months remaining (before taxes). That amount will then be subtracted from the original monthly payment (before taxes).
Example; Your original payment is $400, you have 12 months left on your lease and your cash incentive is $1000. $1000 divided by 12 is $83.33. You them subtract $83.33 for your original payment of $400 netting an effective payment of $316.67.

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Ontario's 1st choice in online automobile lease takeover's